Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I know its too soon. I mean, I blogged, like, an hour ago. But I just remembered something. And when I remembered it, I realized I had to write about this.

Anyhoo...yesterday, I read the book 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'. I read it after the recommendation from my uncle. Who said that the book was "really awesome, and really helpful". So I read it. Back to back. In one go.

My first thought - holy fucking hell.

I mean...seriously. If I wanted to be preached to, I would have read all those religious books. Or listened to mother when she gets all philosophical. But this...this was another thing.

I know there are people who absolutely love this book. But...let's get real here for a second. We should always be optimistic...and even if something bad happens, it will seem bad only if you look at it that way...this is the message the book is trying to get across.

I mean, are you fucking kidding me? Bad is bad, dude. Nothing good can be construed out of bad. Unless you are a saint, who sees good in everything. I mean, a girl getting raped or...I dont know, you losing your loved ones to a terrorist attack...how can you possible look at that from an optimistic point of view?? Maybe I read the book the wrong way or something, but...seriously.

Oh, and not only is that book ultra preachy like wannabe therapists, it describes a fifty something guy who looks thirty something because of seven principles he follows, and because he is mentally healthy or some other crap like that. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?? That is plain but subtle publicity. Its like, "Hey there, read this book, and follow whatever it says, and even if you are an old person, you will be younger!! And happier!!"

I thought I had already been through the worst books ever. But, apparently, Satan has other plans for me. So NOT AWESOME.

Disclaimer: Picture is so not mine.

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