Saturday, 30 April 2011

So Weird

When I say 'So Weird', I am not referring to the show. Although, now that I think of was a pretty weird show...anywayyyyys, my point is, when I say 'so weird', I am referring to the people who say that about me around five minutes into any conversation I might be having with them. And, barring my friends, who feel confident enough to say that to my face, generally people just do this thing where they roll their eyes at something I said when they think I am not looking, and look at others who might be a part of the conversation, and then mouth - 'This chick is so weird!!'
I am used to it. Infact, I kind of take a sick pleasure out of their obvious freakout. I am completely cool with the fact that many people think I am a freak of nature, and mostly, that is because I have discovered that that might be my true talent. Some people can sing, some can dance, and I, apparently, can make people uncomfortable. What's not to like?
In the past, it bothered me that people usually looked at me like a tiger is doing jumping jacks. Lately,  Idont give a rat's ass. I would like to believe that is just nature's, gene's and environment's way of making me "different". And as long as I have a few people close to me who think my absurdity is awesome, I dont give a damn if the majority thinks I should be kept in solitary confinement!!